Sex Lube Water Based Men Semen Anal Lubricant Love Gel Masturatobr For Women Vagina Oil Tooys Games Couples Intimate Adult Goods

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Adult Sex Lube Water Based 600ml 300ml Men Semen Anal Lubricant Love Gel Masturoase For Women Sex Games Couples Intimate Goods

Specifications: 120ml /300ml/600ml
Shelf life: 2 years
Suitable for: Anal sex, vaginal sex, masturbation, sex toys, silicone dolls, lubrication, body massage.
Take an appropriate amount and apply it directly to the skin or toy surface.

300ML 600ML sexsual lubricant heat and cold, water based lubricant ,simulate semen lubricant,4 types of lubrication

Simulate Semen Lubricant hot

Imitation of heat,When applying to sensitive areas
will generate heat, friction movement will gain more heat,Ignite passion


Water Based lubricant for session intimate goods sexophop for couples

Gentle and skin-friendly,long-term lubrication
Water soluble and easy to wash


sexsual lubricant heat and cold

Imitation ice
Add ice-sensing factor, the skin will be constantly stimulated when it comes into contact with the sensitive zone,Be sensitive, bring a cooler experience~

lubricants for masturbating Anal Vaginal Adult Masturbation Lubricant

Penetrate the substrate
Activates the moisturizing vitality of the private skin
Moisturizing ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to keep the skin smooth